How to program the PCF7941 Koleos Card

Release date:2017-09-08 00:00

                                                      How to program the PCF7941 Koleos Card

Original Renault Koleos non-keyless 4 button Remote key with PCF7941 Chip and 433.9Mhz (No Blade)

How to match it? Here is the process, please kindly check.

(Attention: Photos all Chinese, Please kindly check the English explanation)

1. Car Model

2. Open the device, and start to match. See picture:


3.Please insert the Smart key you want to match, < ok > and continue.

4.See picture attached, put the smart key and wait.

5. Waitting……

6. Match success, we need to choose to continue match next one or not.


7. Finally, Remove the Smart key.