How to register and link on device Xhorse

Release date:2020-11-30 00:00


1 , Use google store/allple store for download the APP what use for vvdi keytool , dolphin and


vvdi mini keytool , search ‘xhorse’for find the APP 


2 ,Choose the country code and use your phone number to register the account , put the correct


country code and phone number for get the security code then login , you can set your password


3 , Customer can use the ‘upgrade kit’for link the device on the account , First , connect the

device with PC and run the upgrade kit , choose ‘Find Device ‘then ‘Binding ‘

Run the APP and scan the QR code for link it
Also you can log in with the account what you want link device on

After login the account , your device is link on your account ,you can check it with app ,

Remark : Each device can only be bound to one account and can only be bound once